As a Christian ghostwriter I am committed to certain standards of transparency, integrity, and confidentiality. Please take a moment to review these ethical standards. 


  1. Authorship Clarification and Transparency
    • While publicly disclosing the involvement of a ghostwriter is not required, clients are encouraged to maintain a certain level of integrity in the ownership of their work.
    • Transparency and authorship clarification standards may vary based on organizational practices and precedents.  For example….
      • In cases where an organization or industry has a well-established public reputation of making use of ghostwriters, the need for clarification may be mitigated.
      • Collaboration can be acknowledged through means such as crediting the content “Edited by [Client’s Name]” and omitting the name of author/ghostwriter.
      • By working together to ensure that what I write as a ghostwriter is reflective of the primary author’s ideas, the need to clarify reliance on another’s work may be assuaged. 
    • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are using the writing given to them in an ethical and non-deceptive manner.
  2. Integrity
    • As a ghostwriter I will not produce any content that violates my values. I retain the right to refuse service to anyone and cannot be expected to produce content against my conscience.
      • Upon suspicion that a company or individual is utilizing ghostwriting in a deceptive manner rather than a collaborative manner, they may be refused service after investigation.
    • I value maintaining open communication with my clients so that I can help them find the best words to match their ideas.
    • I am committed to producing content of the highest quality that aligns with the client’s expectation. To this end, the client may revise the article as much or as little as they deem necessary in order to make it more align with their goals.
    • As a ghostwriter, I will engage in thorough research on the topics assigned to me so that I can adequately write about them with an appropriate level of expertise.
  3. Legality and Confidentiality
    1. I am committed to the highest standards of confidentiality. Any proprietary information shared will be treated with the highest levels of discretion.
    2. I adhere to U.S. Copyright law in the content that I produce, however it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to ensure that the content provided is free from any legal complications.
    3. Copyright, unless otherwise stated, belongs to the client.